Company law:

  • Company constitution (in particular stock corporation and LLC)

  • Amendments of articles of association, company composition, address and company headquarters

  • Appointment and dismissal of managers, directors and members of the board

  • Contracts between shareholders (pre-emption rights, prohibition of competition, etc.)

Real estate:

  • Real estate sales and donations

  • Rural land law

  • Constitution of mortgage certificates 

  • Constitution of condominiums 


Marriage and inheritance law:

  • Marriage and premarital agreements

  • Succession contracts

  • Publication of testaments


Legalization of signatures, copies and translations


All notarial deeds can be drawn up in Italian, German, English, Spanish, French and Russian.



Drafting and verification of:

  • Employment contracts of all kinds

  • Non-competition, confidentiality and other clauses

  • Termination of employment contracts (ordinary or for serious reasons)

  • Consensual agreements for the termination of employment contracts

  • Agreements on bonuses, variable parts, compensations, indemnities, etc.


Representation in Court and litigation: 

  • Extensive and proven experience as representants of both employees and employers (natural persons, local companies and multinational companies)

  • Both in extrajudicial negotiations and in civil cases in Switzerland




Drafting and verification of:

  • Lease and rent agreements, both residential and commercial

  • Mixed and innovative contractual solutions (real estate leasing, "rent to buy", "airbnb", "microliving", etc.)

  • Termination of lease contracts

  • Trade agreements


Representation in Court and litigation: 

  • Both landlords and tenants (private individuals, local businesses and multinational companies)

  • Reduction or suppression of rent due to defects of the leased entity

  • Defects of the leased entity (before, during and after the delivery of the leased entity)

  • Default of the tenant and procedures for eviction and extension of the lease

  • Early return of the leased entity and sublease




Drafting of:

  • Prenuptial and marriage agreements

  • Divorce agreements

  • Divorce procedure at the joint request of both spouses


Representation in Court and litigation:

  • Separation procedures (procedures to protect the marital union)

  • Non-consensual divorce proceedings (on application by a party)

  • Requests and recovery of alimonies, both for spouses and for children

  • Personal relationships of parents with children (visits rights, holidays, etc.)

  • Patronage and representation at Courts in Switzerland

  • Patronage and representation at the APA (child and adult protection authority)



Consultancy, drafting and verification of:

  • Succession contracts (renunciation of inheritance, hereditary advances, establishment of heir, etc.)

  • Drafting and publication of wills

  • Inheritance planning, also for foreign cases

  • Proposals and execution of hereditary divisions between various heirs


Representation in Court and litigation: 

  • Both out of Court and in civil proceedings at all Swiss Courts

  • Actions of nullity or reduction of provisions of last will

  • Actions against the executor

  • Division of inheritance and other actions


We are often appointed by Swiss Courts as succession Administrators , with the following duties:

  • Administration of tax and property aspects of the deceased

  • Search for unknown heirs in Switzerland and abroad

  • Management of the assets of the succession and dividing proposals to the heirs




Commercial law:

  • Drafting and verification of commercial contracts of all kinds (mortgage, sale, mandate, agency, mediation, franchising, etc.)

  • Extrajudicial negotiations and representation in civil trials 

  • Debt collection, both to individuals and companies

  • Execution and bankruptcy procedures 


Other contracts and activities:

  • Contract for work and service (delays and defects in construction, legal mortgages, etc.)

  • Insurance contracts

  • Liability, claims for compensation following damages, accidents and claims

  • Road traffic (criminal and administrative procedures for speeding or other infringements of the road traffic law)

  • Criminal law International Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters

  • Building and administrative law

  • Migration law (application for residence permits, naturalizations, etc.)